PNY vs SanDisk

PNY vs SanDisk: SD & microSD Card Showdown

Picking a memory card doesn’t just come down to how much space you need.

Choose too slow of a card, and it won’t function.

It’s also important to get a quality card to avoid losing important photos and video before you’re able to back it up.

When photographing weddings, I did my research and took no chances with my memory cards.

PNY and SanDisk make some of the best memory cards. Here I’ll explain what to look for in a card, and which brand is the better of the two.

Speed Class & Performance

The first step to picking a memory card is finding the right speed class.

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Corsair vs EVGA

Corsair vs EVGA: Which PSU is Better?

I’ve seen poor quality power supplies fail in spectacular ways.

In my years of IT work, the smell of burnt plastic from cheap power supplies dying was all too common.

For the fortunate ones, only the PSU was toast. For others, it took the motherboard with it.

It can be tempting to grab a $40 power supply and use the extra cash toward a better graphics card or bigger solid state drive.

Don’t do it!

It’s absolutely worth it to spend a little extra for quality when it comes to your power source.

In the guide that follows, I’ll detail what to look for in your power supply and whether Corsair or EVGA is a better choice for your PC.

Quick Pick: The Corsair RM650x is quiet, reliable, modular, and has plenty of power for most PC’s.


Watts vs Price – Finding the Right Balance

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FilterBuy vs Filtrete

FilterBuy vs Filtrete Air Filters: Which Furnace/HVAC Filter to Pick?

It’d be great if furnace and AC filters never needed to be replaced.

Like with any air filter, they get dirty and clogged. When filters get plugged up, air doesn’t flow like it needs to. So, we’re stuck replacing filters on the regular.

Your filter makes a big difference in how clean the air is in your home.

Not just that, but your filter determines how much dust accumulates on all your surfaces. Less dusting is good, right?

I gladly spend a bit more on good filters so I don’t need to dust as much.

Filtering your HVAC unit is a pretty simple concept, but certain brands and materials should be avoided.

FilterBuy and 3M Filtrete have some of the best filters. Which one you choose depends on what you’re looking to get out of your home’s air quality.

Give this a read and I’ll make sense of it all.

Quick Pick: FilterBuy is a better value for everything except entry level filters.


MERV vs MPR Ratings

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SafeRest vs SureGuard

SafeRest vs SureGuard: Mattress Protection Compared

Looking for mattress protection? I’m going to compare two of the top brands – SafeRest and SureGuard.

Quick Pick: Go with SafeRest as the price is lower and it offers a bit more comfortable surface.


Read on for a detailed review of these mattress protectors and encasements.


Before buying a cover for your mattress, it’s important to decide on the level of protection you need.

I highly recommend steering clear of cheap mattress pads with no waterproofing properties.

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Melissa & Doug and Hape Wooden Toys

Melissa & Doug vs Hape: Wooden Toys Compared

Who didn’t love playing with wooden toys as a kid?

They hold up better than plastic and have smooth, solid feel.

Melissa & Doug both went all-in on wooden toys and have a great selection.

Before I compare the two brands, I’d like to go over some of the advantages of wood toys over plastic.

Durability – We’ve all owned something made of plastic that cracked or snapped and was rendered useless. Wooden toys can hold up to many years of use and rarely break.

Safety – When plastic toys break, then can leave sharp edges. They’re often made with small parts which can be a choking hazard for young children.

Better for the Environment – Wood is naturally biodegradable, while plastic can take hundreds of years to decompose once discarded.

Classic Look and Feel – Wooden toys are solid and feel more substantial to play with. Toy versions of everyday objects look and feel more like the real thing.

Now, let’s figure out what brand is the better one to buy.

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