Zaditor vs Alaway

Zaditor vs Alaway: Which Eye Drops Are Best for Allergies?

When my allergies are bothering me, they don’t just affect my nose.

My eyes become itchy and dry. Regular eye drops help for a short while, but what’s really needed are antihistamine eye drops.

Zaditor and Alaway both work to limit the allergic reactions that cause red, dry, itchy, burning, or watery eyes.

Which brand is best? Let’s compare and see if Zaditor or Alaway is a better choice.

Quick Pick: Alaway is equally effective and priced better.


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Aquaphor vs Eucerin

Aquaphor vs Eucerin: Which is More Effective?

Lotions do an okay job of keeping already-soft skin that way.

When you have extremely dry, cracked, or damaged skin, basic lotions often don’t do enough.

Aquaphor and Eucerin are considered “repairing” products – they’re made to help your skin regenerate.

Let’s see which is the better choice.

How are Aquaphor and Eucerin Different?

First off, Aquaphor is actually made by the Eucerin company.

Many people use them for the same reasons, but the two products are different.

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