Starrett vs Mitutoyo

Starrett vs Mitutoyo: Calipers & Micrometers

What good is a measuring instrument if it’s not accurate and reliable?

Or if it lacks in durability?

Starrett and Mitutoyo (pronounced “stare-et” and “mitt-oo-toy-oh”) have come highly recommended for decades.

Let’s jump in and find the best tool for your job.

Digital, Dial, or Vernier Calipers?

There’s been some debate over which type of measuring tool is better.

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SP-404 vs SP-404SX

SP-404 vs SP-404SX: Roland Sampler Differences

The SP-404 was discontinued and replaced by the SP-404SX.

But is the SP-404SX better? How about the even newer SP-404A?

There are some changes you should know about in each of these models.

Read on and I’ll break down what sets them apart.

Key Differences

Roland 1GB CompactFlashSanDisk 32GB SD

Memory Cards

SD memory cards have been the standard for a number of years. The SP-404SX and SP-404A both use SD cards.

The SP-404 uses Compact Flash, which has some drawbacks.

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Nordic Pure vs Filtrete Filters

Nordic Pure vs Filtrete Air Filters: Which AC/Furnace Filter to Choose?

I used to see replacing furnace and AC filters as a hassle.

Now that I’ve seen the benefits of good filters, replacing them regularly no longer annoys me.

The right filter makes a big difference in the air quality of your home.

I started buying better quality filters that catch finer particles.

Since then, I’ve noticed less dust accumulating in my home.

Filtering an HVAC system is a simple concept, but there are some brands and filter media which should be avoided.

Nordic Pure and 3M’s Filtrete are both excellent brands. Which brand and filter you should pick depends on what you’re expecting from your home’s air quality.

I’ll lay out just what to look for in a filter, and how to spend your money wisely.

Quick Pick: Nordic Pure is a better value, especially as a 6-pack.



Before you begin hunting for a filter, figure out your filter size.

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Fluidmaster vs Korky Toilet Parts

Fluidmaster vs Korky: Toilet Replacement Parts

When I replace toilet parts, I simply want them to work as they’re supposed to, and for a long time.

You might be tempted to just grab the cheapest part from the hardware store.

But why go through replacement all over again when the cheap equipment fails?

I stick with trusted brands that have been making nothing but toilet parts for decades.

So which is better, Fluidmaster or Korky? Read on and I’ll tell you which to pick depending on what part you need.

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Eneloop vs AmazonBasics

Eneloop vs AmazonBasics: Which Rechargeable Batteries Are Better?

High capacity, longer lifespan, less waste, and long-term savings. What’s not to like about rechargeable batteries?

I’ve used them in everything from photography equipment to LED flashlights to radio controlled cars.

So which is better – Eneloop or AmazonBasics?

Read on. I’ll explain which is best depending on what you’re using them for.

Key Differences

Both Eneloop and AmazonBasics AA & AAA rechargeable batteries are very high quality. Most are produced in Japan, a leader in battery tech.

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