Melissa & Doug and Hape Wooden Toys

Melissa & Doug vs Hape: Wooden Toys Compared

Who didn’t love playing with wooden toys as a kid?

They hold up better than plastic and have smooth, solid feel.

Melissa & Doug both went all-in on wooden toys and have a great selection.

Before I compare the two brands, I’d like to go over some of the advantages of wood toys over plastic.

Durability – We’ve all owned something made of plastic that cracked or snapped and was rendered useless. Wooden toys can hold up to many years of use and rarely break.

Safety – When plastic toys break, then can leave sharp edges. They’re often made with small parts which can be a choking hazard for young children.

Better for the Environment – Wood is naturally biodegradable, while plastic can take hundreds of years to decompose once discarded.

Classic Look and Feel – Wooden toys are solid and feel more substantial to play with. Toy versions of everyday objects look and feel more like the real thing.

Now, let’s figure out what brand is the better one to buy.

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iPhone XS and XS Max

iPhone XS Max vs iPhone 7 Plus

With two years separating the iPhone XS Max and the 7 Plus, there are a lot of differences in Apple’s top models. Are the changes worth an upgrade? Let’s dig in.


I won’t dance around it – the iPhone XS models are expensive – and the XS Max even more so. We’re looking at a $330 launch price increase for the lowest storage model in just two years.

The 7 Plus originally started at $769 for 32GB while the XS Max begins at $1099. Upon announcement of the XS Max, the price of the 7 Plus dropped to $569, for a whopping $520 difference.

Maybe you’re on an older phone and trying to decide between the best available and the two-years-ago best. Or perhaps you already have the 7 Plus and are choosing between paying up for the newest flagship phone or sitting it out til next year. Read on. We’ll see just what has changed over two years.

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