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G603 vs G703 Hero – Which Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse Wins?

If you want a reliable wireless gaming mouse with a great warranty, Logitech is hard to beat.

The G603 and G703 Hero are similar but have several key differences.

Let’s see which is better for you.


Both mice use “LIGHTSPEED” wireless for a lag-free connection. The poll rate is 1000Hz, matching that of most wired gaming mice.

They include a USB receiver to connect to your computer.

The G603 can also be connected via Bluetooth. If you regularly switch between two computers, the dual connection could be handy. Just keep in mind the speed of Bluetooth isn’t suitable for fast-paced gaming.

The G703 Hero is compatible with PowerPlay wireless charging mouse pads while the G603 is not.

G603 Battery


The biggest difference between these two mice lies in their batteries.

The G603 has replaceable batteries, while the G703 has a built-in rechargeable battery.

The G603 can run on two AA’s or a single AA – your choice. Some even choose to run a single AAA battery with an adapter to save weight.

There are two benefits to the replaceable batteries:

  1. Battery life is very long, at 500 hours of non-stop gaming
  2. You can swap batteries, never needing to plug in to recharge

Now, maybe you’d rather never have to replace batteries. That’s where the G703 comes in.

The battery life with the G703 Hero’s rechargeable is much shorter at 35-60 hours of continuous use. But, you can just connect the cord once every few days and be good to go.

If you suddenly run out of battery while using the mouse, connecting the cord both charges the mouse and allows you to keep using it.

The rechargeable battery also keeps the weight a bit lower.

So your choice is either:

Extremely long battery life, swappable batteries (G603)
Never need to replace batteries, lighter weight (G703 Hero)

G703 Sensor


The G603 uses Logitech’s own “HERO” sensor for tracking mouse movements. It can be set anywhere from 200 dpi to 12,000 dpi.

The now-discontinued G703 (non-Hero) uses a PMW3366 sensor; the same one as the G Pro and G502.

The G703’s updated version, the G703 Hero, uses the “HERO 16K” sensor with a 100 – 16,000 dpi range and better battery life.

I personally cannot feel a difference between each of these sensors.

They’ve always tracked fast and accurately for me and never spun out. Most users report the same.

Buttons and Clicks

Both the G603 and G703 Hero offer the same six customizable buttons: mouse1, mouse2, mouse3, DPI, and two side buttons.

While the button layout is identical, the buttons and scroll wheel have a different feel.

The mouse1 and mouse2 clicks on the G703 feel lighter and more crisp. This is in part due to the buttons being separated from the shell.

The other m1/m2 difference is in the switches.

The G603 uses Omron D2FC-F-7N switches rated for 20 million clicks, while the G703 has Omron D2FC-F-K switches rated for 50 million clicks.

The scroll wheel is also less firm and easier to turn on the G703 Hero.


In updating from the G703 to the G703 Hero, Logitech was able to drop the weight from 107 g to 95 g.

That means the G703 Hero is one of the lightest wireless gaming mice – even lighter than the much smaller G305.

The G603 is considerably heavier at about 136 g using two AA’s.

If you love everything about the G603 except its weight, plan on using it with a single AA battery (112 g) or even a single AAA lithium battery plus adapter (102 g).

Shape and Feel

The shape and dimensions of both outer shells is identical:

  • Length: 124 mm
  • Width: 68 mm
  • Height: 43 mm

These are ergonomic (right-handed) mice rather than ambidextrous.

Rubber side grips are included on the G703 Hero. This allows you to hold and lift the mouse with a bit lighter grip.

Mouse feet are identical on the two mice. They’re large, smooth and well cut, so they don’t have issues with dragging.

G703 Lighting


If you want RGB lighting to match your peripherals or add a little flair, go with the G703. The scroll wheel and “G” logo light up and can be customized with “LIGHTSYNC.”

If you’d rather have no lighting, you can turn it off on the G703. Otherwise, the G603 has no LED’s.

Warranty and Value

Both mice come with a 2-year warranty.

Logitech is great about providing warranty replacements if a problem arises. I’ve found their support to be quicker and easier to work with than some other mouse makers I’ve dealt with.

The G603 retails for $30 less than the G703 Hero, but actual prices at Amazon are often less than $20 apart.

Prices are a bit higher than the smaller G305, but well below the costly G PRO Wireless.


Both the G603 and G703 Hero have fantastic sensors and a comfortable ergonomic shape. LIGHTSPEED wireless is fast enough that a wired mouse won’t hold an advantage.

Let’s recap the differences so you can decide which will be the better choice:


  • Extremely long battery life
  • Higher weight
  • No lighting
  • Lower price


G703 Hero

  • Lightweight
  • Better clicks and scroll wheel
  • Rubber side grips
  • RGB lighting
  • Higher price