Zaditor vs Alaway

Zaditor vs Alaway: Which Eye Drops Are Best for Allergies?

When my allergies are bothering me, they don’t just affect my nose.

My eyes become itchy and dry. Regular eye drops help for a short while, but what’s really needed are antihistamine eye drops.

Zaditor and Alaway both work to limit the allergic reactions that cause red, dry, itchy, burning, or watery eyes.

Which brand is best? Let’s compare and see if Zaditor or Alaway is a better choice.

Quick Pick: Alaway is equally effective and priced better.


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Rocketbook vs Elfinbook

Rocketbook vs Elfinbook: Smart Notebooks Compared

I’m quick to try out new technology. I’ve tried to use laptops and tablets along with a ton of different apps to take digital notes.

The problem is, taking notes using a keyboard or stylus never felt right.

Not only that, studies have shown that handwritten notes are better for learning and memory recall.

Still, taking notes on paper has felt outdated for a while now.

If I didn’t have my notebooks on hand, I had no access to my information. I couldn’t easily organize or edit large amounts of writing.

Smart notebooks have solved those problems.

I’m going to compare Rocketbook and Elfinbook and help you pick the right one.

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Eneloop vs AmazonBasics

Eneloop vs AmazonBasics: Which Rechargeable Batteries Are Better?

High capacity, longer lifespan, less waste, and long-term savings. What’s not to like about rechargeable batteries?

I’ve used them in everything from photography equipment to LED flashlights to radio controlled cars.

So which is better – Eneloop or AmazonBasics?

Read on. I’ll explain which is best depending on what you’re using them for.

Key Differences

Both Eneloop and AmazonBasics AA & AAA rechargeable batteries are very high quality. Most are produced in Japan, a leader in battery tech.

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