Logitech G603 vs G703 Hero

G603 vs G703 Hero – Which Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse Wins?

If you want a reliable wireless gaming mouse with a great warranty, Logitech is hard to beat.

The G603 and G703 Hero are similar but have several key differences.

Let’s see which is better for you.


Both mice use “LIGHTSPEED” wireless for a lag-free connection. The poll rate is 1000Hz, matching that of most wired gaming mice.

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Huion vs Wacom Drawing Tablets

Huion vs Wacom: Drawing Tablet Comparison

Forget using a mouse to create and retouch.

A pen and drawing pad is more natural, fluid, and precise.

But which one should you choose?

With so many drawing tablets over a huge price range, it can be tough to pick the right one.

This guide explains the differences. I’ll help you find which model of Huion or Wacom tablet fits best for the way you want to create.

Graphic Tablet vs Pen Display Tablet

Before we go further, you should know about the most common types of tablets.

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Weller vs Hakko

Weller vs Hakko: The Best Soldering Irons & Stations

The right tools make all the difference.

If you’ve ever tried doing delicate electronic work with a cheap soldering iron, you know what a disaster it can be.

Cheap Harbor Freight-level tools might get you by for a while with some types of projects. Not the case with soldering.

With Weller and Hakko tools, you’ll be spending more, but a range of equipment means they have a quality tool for every budget.

Which brand should you buy? Read on for my comparisons and recommendations.

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Fluidmaster vs Korky Toilet Parts

Fluidmaster vs Korky: Toilet Replacement Parts

When I replace toilet parts, I simply want them to work as they’re supposed to, and for a long time.

You might be tempted to just grab the cheapest part from the hardware store.

But why go through replacement all over again when the cheap equipment fails?

I stick with trusted brands that have been making nothing but toilet parts for decades.

So which is better, Fluidmaster or Korky? Read on and I’ll tell you which to pick depending on what part you need.

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Capguard vs Capstar

Capguard vs Capstar: Flea Treatments for Dogs & Cats Compared

Fleas are nasty little critters.

You want to rid your pet of them, fast.

The most effective step in eliminating fleas is an oral treatment to kill them off.

Capguard and Capstar are two popular flea pills. How do they work, and which is more effective?

Read on – I’ll help you get rid of fleas once and for all.

Capguard or Capstar?

For starters, let’s compare these two medications.

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